Mobile merge games market analysis

What is the market of merge games, who are the leaders there, and how much do they earn? Today we will tell you about this genre and try to show you its future.  What are merge games? The merge games genre is over 10 years old. The genre has experienced ups and downs. Each time… Read more

What is the difference between a publisher and an advertiser?

Anyone who has heard even a little about affiliate marketing has come across the concepts of publishers and advertisers. Essentially, these are the main actors operating in the mentioned ecosystem. Today, let’s look at what these terms mean, whether one can include the other, and how not to confuse the concepts. What do the publisher… Read more

Affiliate Marketing Scammers and how to spot them

The field of Affiliate Marketing is attractive because you can make a lot of money in it. At industry conferences, you may see 20-year-old millionaires driving the latest models of expensive cars. Whether you are an affiliate or a client, or a service user, you understand that earning money is real. But just as real… Read more

Fighting creative burnout

The main reason for poor advertising performance is an audience or creative burnout. In this article, we will explain what burnout is, what causes it, whether it is a continuous process, and how to work with it to get the results you want with the help of the team of our performance marketing agency Adsbalance…. Read more

A guide to Wap-Click

Mobile subscriptions or Wap-Click is one of the niches in affiliate marketing. Here, billing takes place from the user’s mobile account at specific intervals.   The user gets on the landing page, clicks on the big button that says “View” or wherever, and subscribe. And then the payment is debited. All this happens as unobtrusively… Read more