Dating vertical trends in 2022

The dating vertical has always been for the real affiliate pros. Those who drive traffic to dating continue to make money from people’s desire for dating and flirting. How has the dating vertical changed from years past?    In this article, we’ve gathered up-to-date data on the current state of this niche, what approaches work,… Read more

How mobile app marketing has changed

The first mobile apps launched in the 2000s. They were fairly simple – Calendar, Phone Book and others. Then, as the operating systems improved, the functions of the applications became more complex, and at the same time the competition between developers grew and the ways of promoting mobile applications evolved. What stages did mobile app… Read more

Instant Pages in TikTok

Today, we’re going to take a look at the functionality of TikTok Instant Pages and break down why they should be of interest to those who promote on TikTok and those who are interested in advancing their products and services. What are Instant Pages? Quick pages are a simple builder right inside the TikTok ADS… Read more

PWA apps. Scam or not?

There is a perception that PWA apps are ineffective and scam. We look into this issue and analyse this type of app and examine how effective it is for promoting products and apps.    What is it? PWA (progressive web application) is a product of Google. It allows you to install a website on Android… Read more

What is the difference between a publisher and an advertiser?

Anyone who has heard even a little about affiliate marketing has come across the concepts of publishers and advertisers. Essentially, these are the main actors operating in the mentioned ecosystem. Today, let’s look at what these terms mean, whether one can include the other, and how not to confuse the concepts. What do the publisher… Read more

Affiliate Marketing Scammers and how to spot them

The field of Affiliate Marketing is attractive because you can make a lot of money in it. At industry conferences, you may see 20-year-old millionaires driving the latest models of expensive cars. Whether you are an affiliate or a client, or a service user, you understand that earning money is real. But just as real… Read more

Fighting creative burnout

The main reason for poor advertising performance is an audience or creative burnout. In this article, we will explain what burnout is, what causes it, whether it is a continuous process, and how to work with it to get the results you want with the help of the team of our performance marketing agency Adsbalance…. Read more

A guide to Wap-Click

Mobile subscriptions or Wap-Click is one of the niches in affiliate marketing. Here, billing takes place from the user’s mobile account at specific intervals.   The user gets on the landing page, clicks on the big button that says “View” or wherever, and subscribe. And then the payment is debited. All this happens as unobtrusively… Read more

What are NFT games, and how can I make a profit from them?

NFT (non-fungible token) has an ambiguous reputation. Some see non-fungible tokens as a step into the future, others as a dubious scam. Either way, you can have a good income with them.   And one way is to make money from NFT games. Playing online games and getting paid for it sounds great! But what… Read more

How to monetize a game with Paywall?

Creating an App requires a lot of effort, time, and financial investments. No surprise that money also goes away after the launch of the application on marketing, app development. And naturally, the developers want to recoup the project and make money. Is it worth blaming them for this? Not at all. It is a normal… Read more