A guide to Wap-Click

Mobile subscriptions or Wap-Click is one of the niches in affiliate marketing. Here, billing takes place from the user’s mobile account at specific intervals.   The user gets on the landing page, clicks on the big button that says “View” or wherever, and subscribe. And then the payment is debited. All this happens as unobtrusively… Read more

What are NFT games, and how can I make a profit from them?

NFT (non-fungible token) has an ambiguous reputation. Some see non-fungible tokens as a step into the future, others as a dubious scam. Either way, you can have a good income with them.   And one way is to make money from NFT games. Playing online games and getting paid for it sounds great! But what… Read more

How to monetize a game with Paywall?

Creating an App requires a lot of effort, time, and financial investments. No surprise that money also goes away after the launch of the application on marketing, app development. And naturally, the developers want to recoup the project and make money. Is it worth blaming them for this? Not at all. It is a normal… Read more

How To Create A Successful Webinar and How It Will Add to Your Brand Image

The internet has provided so many great marketing tools over the years, so many that it’s possible there are tools you aren’t utilizing to your advantage. If you’re looking for a way to educate potential customers and generate leads for your business, a webinar just might be the internet tool for you. You may already… Read more

Types of mobile ad formats and placements

The mobile ads market is growing every year, the mobile ad spends have surpassed TV spends as long ago as in 2018, and the share of mobile ads (among all of the existing types) is long past 70%. Advertisers have been excited with “mobile” for much longer: we remember the conferences in 2014 where our… Read more

The anatomy of a succesful banner: how do you create ads that work?

Banner ads are among the most ancient, renowned and still popular types of digital ads that ever existed. However much they are blamed for being the least seen and efficient and most annoying ones, they still are alive and kicking. A banner ad is a rectangular image (or an animation) meant to attract a user… Read more

Is Zero-code app developent real? The most popular no-coding platforms

There seems to be a software developer in every family you know, even mobile development exists long enough to have their own colleges and universities academic departments, and still the demand for anyone skilled is much higher than the supply. That is why the in-house dev salaries continue to grow, and, while the costs of… Read more

What is soft launch and why do you need it?

We have said many words about pre-release marketing for games and apps in general. However, we have skipped the one essential part — the soft launch. I have done the research, the optimizations, ASO, the visuals, what the hell is that thing, you might ask. We might respond: it’s the thing that prevents your precious… Read more

How to promote Your App by Driving App Installs from Facebook

How to Promote Your App by Driving App Installs from Facebook Your app could top charts, and the last piece of the puzzle is the users you need to take it there. With over 2.6 billion monthly users globally and some of the best audience targeting techniques, if you don’t promote your app on Facebook,… Read more

The basics of App Store Optimization for everyone

Every application on Earth needs organic downloads. However big your initial app promotion budget might be, you will not have a chance to spend it the best way if you don’t pay attention to your product’s looks and well-being in the App Store and Google Play. Pretty much every single quote about app promotion mentions… Read more