Instant Pages in TikTok

Today, we’re going to take a look at the functionality of TikTok Instant Pages and break down why they should be of interest to those who promote on TikTok and those who are interested in advancing their products and services.


What are Instant Pages?

Quick pages are a simple builder right inside the TikTok ADS Manager. You can use it to make a simple page with an order form for your desired offer. Moderation in TikTok is mostly triggered on a creo or a landing page, so with Instant Pages, you can try to pass it faster and more efficiently. 


The standard scheme for directing traffic to an offerer is as follows. 

  1. An advertising campaign is created. 
  2. The user clicks on the creative.
  3. 3 He is redirected to the web site. 
  1. He explores the content of the site.
  2. The user fills out an application. 


In the case of Instant Pages, it is simplified and looks like this. 

  1. An advertising campaign is created. 
  2. The user clicks on the creative. 
  3.   Instant Page pops up in the TikTok app.
  4. The user fills in the application. 


At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a big difference, but the difference is quite significant. The user stays in the app, there is less unnecessary information on this kind of landing page. Therefore, he fills out the application more quickly. As a result, the conversion rate goes up. There may be a lower approval, but you need to test. As practice has shown, the approval does not fall, and for some affiliates, on the contrary, it becomes higher.

How does it work?

First, the user sees the standard creatives. Then he clicks on the ‘Learn More’ and goes to the form for filling out the application. After filling it out a ‘Thank you’ window appears. 


See how it’s as simple and convenient as possible. The whole process takes place without going to third-party sites. It also looks seamless to the user.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instant Pages

Affiliate marketers working with white offers can improve the conversion rate from a visitor to a lead. That said, it’s advisable to test different approaches in any case. If you are working with grey offers, Instant Pages can help you get through moderation faster and sometimes drive traffic even to grey offers. In addition to this, the conversion rate improves.


To try this out for yourself, publish two different ad campaigns in parallel. One should be a pay-per-conversion campaign with a standard link to a landing page. The second will aim to generate leads and use a quick page. You will be able to notice that the second campaign will go through moderation in just a few minutes and will be active immediately. The first campaign will at least hold up and could at most get rejected. 


The page loads 11 times faster than standard mobile pages. 


The disadvantage of Instant Pages is only one. If people don’t click through to your site, you don’t get referral traffic data. 


All this shows the main advantage of Instant Pages. With this tool, you can promote a wider range of products and services. You can save time. And a bonus will be more contacts left by potential customers than would be the case with a standard landing page.


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