How the Game Industry Is Changing

Video games have served as entertainment for adults and children for decades. It continuously enhanced from the early days, and with new technologies, it has become accessible to anyone and pushed into Hollywood movie territory regarding production. Nevertheless, it is increasingly tough to create a good game, but the costs have also risen with this… Read more

How to successfully use behavioural segmentation in Mobile Marketing

People are creatures of daily habits. Each individual has unique behavioural traits and routines backed up by emotions, historical background, and culture. And by knowing and understanding these habits, it is possible to create a better advertising strategy that will focus on the exact user needs and further lead to increased conversions and sales. That… Read more

Mobile Marketing Trends 2022

It is very difficult to make predictions in the field of digital (and in more detail, mobile) marketing. Last year we saw the privacy revolution and could see how many white spots were still left. That is why predicting today is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve gone beyond one opinion and brought together the… Read more