Build Customer Loyalty With Data-Driven Personalized Content

It gets more and more challenging to grasp people’s attention online. There are many reasons, like an overabundance of annoying campaigns, no clear call to action, fake discounts, etc. In the end, people don’t believe and ignore messages if they seem personally insufficient. The situation worsened more due to Covid that forced businesses to go… Read more

Who Are You? Top Tips On Creating An Unforgettable Brand

A strong brand is more than a well-known logo or name. It is about the meaning and consistency that the brand offers with a service or a product. For example, selling a pair of snickers is not that big a deal, but selling it with a purpose and multiple times is already another level. Therefore,… Read more

The four tips to enhance your App Store Ranking

In the competitive app ecosystem, to stand out, your App needs to focus on building user relationships before they have even interacted with your application. Therefore, to stand out in the ocean of Apps, we have prepared the four ASO strategies you can use to diversify your product and increase your overall app store ranking…. Read more

The Pros Of Running Paid Social Media

Social media is not so free as it may seem at first glance. In reality, from driving leads and traffic to raising brand awareness, a staggering 3/4 of marketers conduct paid social campaigns. Hence, currently, getting started with paid ads is not a question of “if” but rather “when.” Why It Is Worth Running Paid… Read more

App Store Optimization: Prepare your App for The Holiday Season

It is a big misunderstanding that the holiday season is the most beautiful time for a marketer. In reality, everything is almost the opposite. During the year’s final quarter, marketers participate in mouse racing to win against the colossal competition. Without exception, even apps will need to increase their marketing efforts to compete during this… Read more

How to Create a successful TikTok Marketing Campaign?

Not so long ago we spoke of TikTok tricks and lifehacks, but today we’re going to do a full-fledged explanatory article on how to create a really successful TikTok advertising campaign strategy from scratch. First of all, in 2021 we more or less know what TikTok is, some of us — from a user point… Read more

7 Influencer marketing trends to follow in 2021

It seems that the world’s (and marker’s, for instance!) obsession with influencer marketing is here to stay, and we still have years ahead of the area development. The atmosphere of the Internet space embracing content creators and those who stand out of the crowd, even those who are merely good at something, is welcoming, and… Read more