Who Are You? Top Tips On Creating An Unforgettable Brand

A strong brand is more than a well-known logo or name. It is about the meaning and consistency that the brand offers with a service or a product. For example, selling a pair of snickers is not that big a deal, but selling it with a purpose and multiple times is already another level. Therefore, by adding additional value and being faithful, you create differentiation that distinguishes you from competitors. You tell who you are, what you stand for. If you don’t know these things, how is your target audience supposed to grasp them? Therefore, if you are still unsure, to help you out, we have created a simple guide to consider when building the perfect brand.

Define Your Target Audience

Before anything else, you need to identify your target audience. It seems a bland statement that anyone writes, but there is more to it. By identifying the target audience, you create a focus group, spending money on the people who will mostly buy from you. If you think that your target audience is all the people, then be prepared to spend billions of dollars to reach all of them.

So, how to identify? It is easier done with some information, for example, from social media or Google Analytics. If you do not have this kind of data, we can also recommend creating google ads or having a free consultation with Adsbalance. Either way, you will have the foundation for creating a target persona who will serve you as a reference.  

Unforgettable Design

Before your service or product is purchased, you already need to stand out from other products. The easiest way to do so is to be visually appealing and memorizable. Remember the marketing rule of 7 states. Before potential clients are eager to take action, they need to see a message at least seven times. So think about visual identity for your brand and stick to it. Only make sure that your design will resonate with your target personas.   

What Is Your Tone Of Voice?

Do you remember the article “What To Consider When Creating Videos For Generation Z“? We discussed that you need to speak with generation Z in one language to be connected. To do so, you need to unite with their tone of voice without being cringy or fake. Overall, this rule fits all generations. That is why you need to think twice about your target audience and then only go to the next steps of this guideline. Hence, whatever tone you take, make sure it allows you to communicate with your target audience in a way that they will connect with you. Also, it is better to underline a language that you need to avoid in messaging to prevent unnecessary problems in the future. 

Use Social Media Like A Pro

Don’t try to be everywhere. Instead, choose 1-2 platforms that resonate with your audience and where they are. It’s like selling coffee everywhere, including kindergartens, schools. Yes, maybe some parents, teachers will buy it. However, children are less likely to want coffee.

Do not forget about visual pictures and tone of voice in social media as well. Be consistent, so that audience will start noticing and remembering you.  

Time To Make Your Guidelines

Once you’ve settled all of the parts above, the most crucial step is to build your brand guidelines. So that whoever is organizing your content – whether in-house marketing team or external service – will know what they need to do. Therefore, there will be brand consistency, and you will spend less time editing content to make it fit. 

Now you’ve made your guidelines, the only thing you need to remember is to stick to them! 

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