What To Consider When Creating Videos For Generation Z

We won’t surprise you by saying that an ordinary person’s attention span is a little bit bigger than a fish’s. However, exactly how long is it? Be prepared for a scary fact, especially for anyone who works as a marketer. The attention span of a generation Z is only 8 seconds! That’s 4 seconds shorter than the previous gen. So, literally, each second counts when speaking about content for this segment of people. And what makes the job even harder is that you must keep them engaged. Otherwise, generation Z will forget you and won’t remember that you ever existed. 

Calm down. It’s not all bad, though. The other side of the coin is that generation Z is more connected than any previous generation. So, if you read this article to the end and implement our solutions to your marketing strategy, afterward manage to grab the attention of generation Z – get ready to be shared, commented, posted, and tweeted. It may just be the thing that makes your hard work take off. 

Find Your Place

Each generation acts differently from the previous before them. It is a known fact that ease our job. How? We can closely forecast their behavior. So what is your prediction for generation Z if to consider that:

  • Prime years spent going within a global pandemic
  • Having to stay at home 24/7
  • Masks and unavailability to see people emotions

The result? Most likely lack of trust, especially for the government, and, in extension, a dislike of corporate philosophies. Thus, generation Z will grow as independent, with mutual support, outspoken people. So, to connect with this gen, it is essential to showcase your brand as authentic, independent, and with meaningful values. So, be honest in the content when addressing gen Z.  

Keeping It Real

It is better to be connected with them and speak with generation Z in one language. To do so, you need to unite with their tone of voice without trying too hard and being cringy or fake. Noteworthy, a tone of voice is not about what you say but rather how you say it and its impact on everyone who watches or hears you in the video. Therefore, getting the tone of voice spot on builds relatability and trust. Consequently, all this forms a pleasant relationship with your brand. So, it would be best if you started vibing, as the tone of voice is a mood. And getting it wrong would be a big oof.  

Be Original

We’ve already covered that you need to engage gen Z, or you won’t be noticed. It is the main rule for all the videos dedicated to this generation. Be original, think outside the box, add humor, and most likely, you will be noticed. Another excellent way of being connected is taking a trend and adding your twist to it. Just remember, it’s not about your drive but what your target audience will connect with. By doing so, you will stay relevant, and your videos will be watched by generation Z.  

Let's Talk Platforms

As we mentioned previously, Gen Z is the most connected generation. So be prepared that you’ll need to cover all of the major social media platforms and to put extra effort into being updated with all online platforms that pop up. Who knows, maybe it is something big as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok.

By covering all the social media, we don’t mean putting the same content on all online platforms. No, otherwise. It is better to tailor your videos depending on where you want to post. For example, if it is TikTok or Instagram stories – keep it short and snappy as you have only a few seconds to grab the attention. If it is Youtube, then it’s better to give more detail and make longer videos. They all have their advantages. Tiktok is fantastic for generating views, whereas Youtube is perfect for showcasing your cinematic videos. Yes, it will increase your workload, but it’s worth it.

Thank you for your attention. Have you created videos for generation Z? With what do you struggle with the most?  

Do not forget, if you need some help with your App marketing, we have a whole crew of experts that can help you out. So get in touch, and we can look at how to improve your videos to attract gen Z into your App. 

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