How mobile app marketing works

Some companies have been building apps for years and already have a well-established mechanism for marketing their products. Some have just created their first app. They need to figure out what their promotion might look like. Which actions can you do yourself, and which can you entrust to a specialised agency? We’ve prepared a checklist… Read more

Mobile Marketing Trends 2022

It is very difficult to make predictions in the field of digital (and in more detail, mobile) marketing. Last year we saw the privacy revolution and could see how many white spots were still left. That is why predicting today is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve gone beyond one opinion and brought together the… Read more

What To Consider When Creating Videos For Generation Z

We won’t surprise you by saying that an ordinary person’s attention span is a little bit bigger than a fish’s. However, exactly how long is it? Be prepared for a scary fact, especially for anyone who works as a marketer. The attention span of a generation Z is only 8 seconds! That’s 4 seconds shorter… Read more

Changes in the App store, what awaits us? iOS 15

App Store is well known for its strict rules and regulations. For example, the App approval process can take up to a month, sometimes even longer. And while some believe that it is a necessity for User safety, others state that Apple is a ‘walled garden.’ However, everything is about to change, as the company… Read more

The Most Popular Subscription-based Apps and How to Repeat Their Success

While we’ve talked about different app monetization schemes in some of our previous articles, one of the most popular schemes recently has been the subscription-based model. Subscription-based apps allow users to pay a monthly fee for access to content. Sometimes you pay to access content in general, and sometimes you pay to access premium content…. Read more

How Much Do Apps Earn From Advertising?

Monetizing your app – it’s the ultimate goal of many app developers. A lot of hard work and money are invested into your app, so it’s natural to look forward to the reward you might get for all that you’ve done. While you shouldn’t make your whole app about monetization, it doesn’t hurt to do… Read more

How to do influencer app marketing

What if you have tried all of the possible traffic sources and still feel there’s room for not only optimization and budget boosts, but also for widening your audience reach and getting more user categories to know your app? There are several ways to respond to that, but one of them definitely must be influencer… Read more

How to market an app (nearly for free)?

Obviously, it’s cool when you have a dedicated team of professionals working on your app promotion 365 days a year for a stable wage or revenue share, be it a mobile marketing agency or an in-house media buying team. These are the ways we, as an agency and as pure realists, always recommend as optimal…. Read more

Labor of love, or Trends in indie app development

It seems that the days when an non-gaming indie project was able to take over the stores and win the mass smartphone owner hearts are almost over. If you Google Search “best indie apps” , chances are the top articles will be dated somewhere between 2012 and 2016. How come? It is not uncommon in… Read more