Changes in the App store, what awaits us? iOS 15

App Store is well known for its strict rules and regulations. For example, the App approval process can take up to a month, sometimes even longer. And while some believe that it is a necessity for User safety, others state that Apple is a ‘walled garden.’ However, everything is about to change, as the company announced new policies and recently implemented others.

What to wait for in the near future:

App Analytics

Later this year, App Store Connect promises to introduce brand-new data available in App Analytics. These new metrics, such as re-downloads, proceeds data, average revenue per paying user, and pre-orders, will concrete measure the app’s performance. And you will have a more wise picture about the user, its location, source type, device. But, of course, if they agreed to share this User information.

In-App Events

Later this fall, a new feature will be available for iOS 15 Users – In-App Events. It is a timely event within the App Store that will include images, videos, and a short description of the occasion itself. By opening it, users will have a bigger picture with a more immersive experience. From this page, they can share the event with others through social media, download an App, or allow notifications to remind you about the event when it starts. In-app events are diverse, such as challenge, competition, live event, major update, premiere, etc. Therefore, you will have what to choose from in the event feature.   

Recent Changes:

New in-app purchase capabilities are now available

On September 22, Apple introduced powerful Swift-based APIs that will ease the process of subscription and in-app purchases. Available on iOS 15, it will allow companies to access data of a user’s history purchases and its status and determine App eligibility for offers. Most likely, new August policies are correlated with it. We will speak about them a little bit later. For Users, it is also a beneficial change, as they will be able to know their subscription status and manage their account from within an App with one click. Also, request refunds much faster than in the past. 

App Store server notifications

Apple put some notifications effort on iOS15 to allow brands to create a more customized experience for Apps users. Not only did notifications go through a visual redesign, adding larger icons, but it also introduced a new ‘notification summary.’ With its use, users will determine what kind of notifications at what exact time ought to be displayed on the phone. The priority of interaction with apps will arrange the summary.

Also, with Swift-based Apis that we spoke about earlier, an App owner will receive immediate notifications about the app purchases, which they can use to create particular personalized messages for the users. So, for example, a user purchased a subscription, and you can send a thank you notification or another offer. 

Small Business Program

Most likely, you are aware, but we will repeat once more. There is a new commission regulation in an App Store. A new program will ease the life for small businesses, as the commission instead of 30% will be 15%. But, again, it will only apply to companies earning up to $1 million per year.

How will it affect the industry? The launch of more Apps with moderate prices will appear in an AppStore. 


After many trials, Apple finally allowed some Apps to process payments outside of iTunes Connect. Even though this policy will only apply to ‘reader apps,’ still it’s maybe the first step to something big. 

‘Reader Apps’ are the Apps that provide access to earlier purchased content, such as Spotify, Netflix, etc. This way company will be able to bypass the commission in the App Store. Until now, all the Apps have processed the payments solely through iTunes Connect.   

App Store takes significant steps to enhance its relationship with the user and the developers while growing the mobile app industry. So what do you think, are they coping with the task?


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