How to monetize a game with Paywall?

Creating an App requires a lot of effort, time, and financial investments. No surprise that money also goes away after the launch of the application on marketing, app development. And naturally, the developers want to recoup the project and make money. Is it worth blaming them for this? Not at all. It is a normal… Read more

What is In-App Messaging?

What Is In-App Messaging? An in-app message, or native app content, is a message that a user gets while navigating the App after they have opened it. This kind of content allows creativity to pop up because there is no word count and limitation on the size of the message. As a result, you are… Read more

What is UGC, and why it’s effective for your mobile app promotion?

Incorporating UGC content can significantly increase brand awareness at no additional cost when it comes to online marketing strategy. Thus, this step-by-step guide will give you an insight into what UGC content is and how to implement it within your App. What is UGC? The abbreviation UGC stands for User-Generated Content and refers to non-sponsored… Read more

Influencer Marketing

With its colossal competition, it is easy for both a beginner and a long-term business to get lost in the world of digital marketing. Unfortunately, targeted advertising, social networks, and SEO optimization do not always help. So what are the new methods to increase the conversion rate and attract a customer? About that, we will… Read more