How to create a successful e-commerce app? Basics and pro tips

We won’t surprise you by saying that people buy stuff online much more than ever, even more than logical evolution implies: the COVID-19 pandemic caused the unseen demand for all kinds of goods, even those you’d naturally buy offline, the demand that the supply, at some point, failed to meet. Even in spite of demand,… Read more

How will IDFA changes impact mobile advertising?

Advertising platforms of all sorts are updated constantly to reach some kid of perfection, but there are some universal, intrinsic concepts that modern-world advertising is based on. One of them is the ability to track the user on various platforms anywhere on the Internet. No conspiracy theories implied: it’s just the ability to recognize user… Read more

Is Zero-code app developent real? The most popular no-coding platforms

There seems to be a software developer in every family you know, even mobile development exists long enough to have their own colleges and universities academic departments, and still the demand for anyone skilled is much higher than the supply. That is why the in-house dev salaries continue to grow, and, while the costs of… Read more

Facebook Advertising Rules and Policies 2021: Do’s and Don’ts

Facebook Advertising Rules and Policies 2021: Do’s and Don’ts Facebook is THE place to market your product if you want to reach your target audience. Their incredibly large audience – 2.8 billion monthly active users to be precise – coupled with the ability to accurately target your specific audience gives you the ability to make… Read more

The guide to tracking in-app events

Setting up event tracking for a mobile app Monetizing and analyzing your app can be a challenge. But an even greater task is making sure your users enjoy your app and know its worth. To do this, you need to know how users navigate through your app and interact with its features. This is where… Read more

How Much Do Apps Earn From Advertising?

How Much Do Apps Earn From Advertising? Monetizing your app – it’s the ultimate goal of many app developers. A lot of hard work and money are invested into your app, so it’s natural to look forward to the reward you might get for all that you’ve done. While you shouldn’t make your whole app… Read more

How to market a dating app?

With 2020 being a year of lockdowns and forced isolation, the most popular online dating apps got an apparent boost in downloads, but the least popular ones also got their share of traffic. However, we, as an agency that has several dating clients, know that this was now only due to the organic rise in… Read more

How to do influencer app marketing

What if you have tried all of the possible traffic sources and still feel there’s room for not only optimization and budget boosts, but also for widening your audience reach and getting more user categories to know your app? There are several ways to respond to that, but one of them definitely must be influencer… Read more

How to promote a mobile game (part 1)

Is promoting a game any different from promoting “just an app”? Are there any specific strategy/media buying/creative production tips? How to sort through techniques that will help you drive the maximum number of downloads via various kind of traffic sources? We’re here to find out! First of all, what’s the difference between a gaming and… Read more

How to promote Your App by Driving App Installs from Facebook

How to Promote Your App by Driving App Installs from Facebook  Your app could top charts, and the last piece of the puzzle is the users you need to take it there. With over 2.6 billion monthly users globally and some of the best audience targeting techniques, if you don’t promote your app on Facebook,… Read more

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