Found in Translation. The best communication practices for dealing with Asian partners.

  During the past 10 years, Asia has become a mighty power in the global digital market. Everyone has their ambitions to grab a piece of cake, but only those who get past the language and cultural barriers succeed.  Of course, whether your client is an advertiser of a publisher, you might think that if… Read more

7 superstitions about Influencer Marketing you should no longer believe in

Each of us has heard tales of magic influencer marketing at least once in his life. Even if you don’t read the news or are completely deprived of digital media, including social networks, stories of pain and glory reach you on the streets, as well as the products that succeeded through a single blogger integration…. Read more

Deliver me from fraud, or 8 basic steps to save you from bad traffic in 2020

If you have ever placed an ad within an ad network, chances are you know only too well what fraud is. Every half a year major research companies publish reports of advertisers’ ad fraud losses and promise that you will lose even more money next year as if this was only getting worse. On the… Read more