Retargeting Revisited

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Adsbalance Retargeting

Basically, we all think we know what retargeting is: when you look up drill drivers just for fun Internet goes crazy and there’s drill drivers everywhere, the ad joke familiar to anyone not related to marketing. That is the most renown and the most stereotypic type of retargeting (btw, remarketing is a legitimate synonym, don’t believe those who state otherwise) called search retargeting — so stereotypic some pro advertisers avoid it to maintain their reputation with the users. Maybe you are among them — being good at running regular types of ads and shunning the other methods? 

Why remarketing still works?

However trivial it might seem, we’d still like to remind you why it search and site remarketing (still) works.

  1. Users get distracted. A sudden call, a closed tab, a rebooted device.. You don’t follow a user creepily, you just start where your conversation ended!
  2. “There are two types of users:..” Of course, there are more, but you’ve surely noticed that you either have 5 desktop tabs or 50 (and either close everything or keeps them for days). The author is the second type and I’m not sure who is the best candidate for losing the item/app/product and forgetting it for good!
  3. Choose your rival. Maybe you’re lucky. A person has typed: pdf scanner app, clicked on both your rival’s ad and on yours, but chose in favor of the first one and.. didn’t like it. Now it’s your hour of triumph. Show the ad again and make the user happy, finally:)
  4. Analysts from Adroll used to say you need some seven contacts (brand mentions) for the user to choose you. Taking into account the overall number of various brand contact these days, you might need to increase this number. Of course, your own A/B test will show whether it’s better to show the ad to the seven new users or seven times to the “warm” one.

Remember that your competitors know this too, so try to make those seven interactions as impressive and distinctive as possible.

Mobile retargeting and user re-engagement

We have good news for you: Remarketing aimed at existing users is considered less stressful than the one aimed at relatively “cold” ones. A person has already registered/installed the app so even the most suspicious ones do not object being reminded of their choice. App owners know that the install event and even the first purchase are not the end of the battle, so here’s how your USER RE-ENGAGEMENT goals might look like:

  • get a user back to the app (have installed and is not using)
  • lead the user to the first purchase (yes, still important)
  • make the occasional “purchasers” buy more
  • increase the time user spends in the app
  • BE CROSS-DEVICE/PLATFORM. Both a mean and a goal 

So where do we begin?

Most of the major ad tech traffic/analytics providers have their own with different levels of customization. If you are a standing customer, they are usually eager to set up a call with you and explain the opportunities of the platform — so please use the chance!

If you need to sail through a chaos of technology providers, Adsbalance can help you find an optimal combination (we mean it) of mobile and desktop (even if your product is mobile-only) retargeting services.

Before you start, here are some tips for you to start retargeting on mobile like a pro:

  1. Be different. You have already grabbed some user attention if you made them install your app. Now you need to be even more creative/outstanding precise to choose the right proposal. First, you need to stand out from the crowd, second, there might not be a third chance! A great image is an absolute must, besides, why not use animation?
  2. Do not try too hard. If the creative doesn’t work, change it. Limit the number of times a promo pic is shown to the user and take a pause if it doesn’t help.
  3. Segment your audience. Some say targeting, not creative, is king. Users from different sources may have different motivations for using your app, so each group should have its own retargeting campaign. That would also come in handy for the post-campaign measurements. Bonus: adjust your bidding so that you have the right CPA for each group of users. 
  4. Do not forget to test all available channels (ads, emails, push notifications.. why not even influencer marketing). Again, this matters when you know your audience and try to balance between being noticed and beeing annoying.

This is not the ultimate list of things to pay attention to, of course. If you leave this article with a notion of the absolute necessity of retargeting, we are a happy performance marketing agency. If you need further details and insights, just drop us a line and we’ll define the strategy that fits you most and take a closer look at the bottlenecks of your user acquisition funnel 🙂

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