7 superstitions about Influencer Marketing you should no longer believe in

Each of us has heard tales of magic influencer marketing at least once in his life. Even if you don’t read the news or are completely deprived of digital media, including social networks, stories of pain and glory reach you on the streets, as well as the products that succeeded through a single blogger integration. As for any other tale that has been around for some time, but not long enough, they already have a set of beliefs you are a bit reluctant to check.

Top-7 superstitions against Influencer marketing

We have created a list of top-7 superstitions against Influencer marketing that might stop you from running a successful campaign and improving your performance. Do you still share any of them?  

  • “I cannot track the results of my campaign”

A very old and most popular argument against Influencer marketing.

Well, it used to be true when a brand selling products through a personal blog post was a novelty. Nowadays, end-to-end tracking systems keep improving, and the blogger doesn’t even need to know how the thing works. Give him or her the link and tracking the performance results if fully yours to set up. Measuring your brand awareness growth is a bit more complicated and expensive, but it still is not much different from measuring TV campaigns or CPM-based video ads.

  • “I cannot afford a celebrity, so I won’t get the necessary reach.”

Do you really need one? It’s true that celebs are expensive so spending your IM budget on one is like putting all eggs in one basket. A celebrity integration might boost your brand awareness, but today’s marketing fashion embraces midi- and mini-bloggers with fewer demands and sometimes more loyal audience.

  • “My boss won’t let me spend the money on anything of that sort.”

Review points 1 and 2. Working with a good intermediary (manager/agency) will let you set safe and transparent KPIs to comfort the majority of non-believers.

  • “Bloggers are for FMCG/Fashion/whatever”

You don’t advertise cars on automobile-oriented websites only, so why influencer ads should be different? The audience is key, any place you can find your audience in and not risk your brand safety, works. Videogamer selling bread? New mother promoting financial consulting? Remember that things we didn’t expect to happen are more likely to stick in our memory. If your product stands out from the line of this person’s typical products, that’s even better for you.

  • “I don’t think this is going to boost our sales.”

There are times when you don’t even need to sell your product. If you’re doing something good for the universe — reducing trade waste, helping homeless animals or donating to domestic violence rescue centers, collaborating with a person who shares your views will not only raise awareness but amend for your past blunders and even increase your product declared value.

  • “My audience is not on Instagram”

So are some influencers with the audience you cannot reach with banner/context ads. Opinion leaders thrive on any platform that allows users to engage with the content, be it Twitch, Livejournal or Reddit. Is your audience not on the internet? Well, good old celeb billboards are influencer marketing too.

  • “Influencer marketing works”

Influencer marketing is not a magic pill (nothing is!), and choosing a real-life hero with real-life subscribers does not mean you have a successful campaign in your pocket. There is a great number of details you need to pay attention to. Do you really need to stick to your brand image so hard? Did the person work with such products before, and weren’t they your rivals? Did they do anything that is not compliant with your ideas? Can you afford a failure?

There are a number of questions that require some research, and Adsbalance has already done this research for you. If you want to know what goals you can reach with influencer marketing, you can take a look at our presentation or email us right away.

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