Important aspects of working with TikTok game creatives

The marketing services market is going through challenging times. Mobile platforms are tightening their data collection policies. The most powerful example here is the IDFA restriction on iOS. And, of course, certain tools are becoming less effective.


The smartest way out here is to diversify marketing spend. This includes working with venues that until recently were considered new and less well-developed than, for example, Facebook.


TikTok is just one of those platforms. It can still be considered new and not fully understood. However, it is fundamentally important for successful scaling. What you need to know when working with this platform today, we will tell you in this article. 


We all know that TikTok’s audience is clip-minded. They are used to quick information and don’t like having to concentrate on one thing for a long time. Therefore, a commercial should catch the user’s attention from the first seconds. You need up to 15 seconds for the consumer to get the information they want. 


In fact, most mobile app creatives in TikTok are precisely 10-15 seconds long. But recently, the number of promotional videos longer than 30 seconds has started to grow.


As a rule, the longest videos are mobile game creatives. It takes longer to show both the game mechanics and the storyline of a game.


But here, too, we don’t recommend making your creatives too long. The minimum length of a creative is 5 seconds, and the maximum is 50-60 seconds.



The genre of the game being advertised also determines the performance of the ad. For example, in October-December of last year, casual game creatives performed best. For non-game apps, the best performing apps were those in the Entertainment and Lifestyle categories.


Active advertising audience

Advertising in TikTok shows the best results for users 13 – 25 years old. When selecting an audience for targeting, it is advisable to focus on this age segment.


Here’s what’s interesting. TikTok gamer users have less banner blindness – so advertising works better for them than for those who don’t play games.


As for the geography of TikTok advertising consumers, the best performing creatives are in the US, UK, Germany and France. In second place for engagement are Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Russia. More recently, the geography has also shifted partly to the East.  Creatives in TikTok are better received in Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia.

Burn out

Creative tends to become irrelevant over time. To ensure that the effectiveness of advertising campaigns does not decline, you need to update them at least once every 2-3 weeks. But often the commercials in TikTok use trends which are current, but are losing popularity very quickly. For this reason, we recommend running a commercial once a week. 


It also happens that a creative burns out in just a few days. We attribute the short-term nature of a number of creatives to the niche nature of the content they advertise. In other words, the lightning-fast burnout is due to the small number of relevant users. 


So, we have described the main aspects of working with game creatives in TikTok. Hopefully, they will be of use to you and will contribute to successful work and high profits. 

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