What do we do in the shadows (of quarantine)

QUARANTINEHello friends!

The whole world seems to have gone a bit mad about the pandemy and the quarantines it follows. You have probably read a lot of how-tos and what nots regarding the issue.

Our team has just started working remotely and realized we have a piece of advice to share with you too:

  1. Take it as granted! If you’re reading this, chances are you an enthusiast of your job and usually spend busy days working assiduously in the office. Why not try a change of paradigm?  Take it as a chance to celebrate the place you call home, be closer with your family or flatmates, or, if you live alone, celebrate yourself, as Walt Whitman, a singer of outside-of-the world detachment, once wrote.

  2. Practise proper hygiene, keep the air fresh and wet, sleep and eat well, but make sure you don’t overindulge.
    Imagine it’s a game. Remember Life’s beautiful and the story the father made up for a boy to survive in a concentration camp? However exaggerated this comparison might seem, anyway, it’s just a set of rules to follow: the ones who last longer and score the highest points are likely to win:)

  3. Carry on working hard! If you’re not used to working remotely, pay more attention to planning your day and having a kind of schedule in front of you. We advise that you dress up for going out (to the office, for example, and minimize the possible distractions. Remember to have rest and walk – try Pomodoto timer in order not to forget to stand up and walk a bit once in an hour. Remember that the best way to keep your mind clean and calm is to have a loved job and accessible goals in front of you, this we know only too well!

Here at Adsbalance we introduced daily sync-up calls to look at each other (literally) and discuss our concerns. We don’t have many all-department meetings in the office, so this format seems to make us feel even closer – seeing all of your colleagues’ faces at Skype at once and realizing you are here for each other and for the shared goals. Hope you have a chance to experience the same:) So cheer up, love what surrounds you and let the things be sorted out naturally.

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