(Почти) полное руководство по монетизации мобильных приложений

Что такое монетизация мобильных приложений?

What is app monetization in general?

It is a number of ways to gain revenue from your app, which is important since mobile consumption (compared to desktop and regular media) share still grows every year, according to comScore. Some of those ways can be used simultaneously (=at the same time) so that you’re sure you don’t miss an opportunity to earn from your product: for most product types it’s the only way to stay self-sustained unless you are a charity/governmental project and are funded heavily — despite the fact that at the same time most products are free to download in the beginning. Each product category usually has its most suitable way of monetization. 

Another important thing — last, but not least — is that adjusting the monetization logics helps you analyse the user behavious and user flow in your app to make sure your users have everything they need and have it the right way, so you might think of it as another challenge.

According to App Annie, 2018 total app revenue reached $101 billion dollars ($71 billion as of Sensor Tower), which is impressive and might help you head forward to grabbing your piece of that pie. Experts expect it to almost double in 2020 (which we are soon to find out, but the current world situation has already give the industry the additional boost)

How do you monetize an app?

As we have already mentioned, the share of free apps in Google Play and App store is 96.5 and 92.3 accordingly (see the 2020 report picture taken from Statista.com below)

As we have already mentioned, the free apps prevail, which means that the other 3.5 and 6.7% need a payment to be downloaded. That’s the simplest way to put it: both free and paid models have their own sub-types. For example, a subscription app is technically free to download but is impossible to use unless you buy a (surprise!) buy a subscription or start a free trial if there is such option. The low number of paid apps is slowly but steadily getting lower every year but this doesn’t imply this can’t be your model of choice.

What’s next?

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